Last weekend I photographed the most adorable family.  I have been photographing them since the little boy was a baby and I am loving getting to catch up with them and see how everyone is growing as the years go by.  Mom and I have known each other since we were little so it’s extra special to me to reconnect.


I started fall family sessions again last weekend and it just reminds me how much I love this time of year!  I love the brisk weather, the leaves changing, fires in the fireplace, warm sweaters, and pumpkin spice smells.  It’s definitely my favorite time of the year and I love doing family sessions during this time.

This sweet family did a quick 30 minute session with me last week.  Little brother was all about the session but big sis wasn’t too thrilled.  We made it work though and I think we came out with some great captured memories.

Such a sweet family photo


Quick photo with big sis and Mom.


How cute is this little one!  Such a happy baby!


I always love a good father/son pic!



Welcome to our 10 on 10 Blog Circle!  I am always grateful for my days when I need to take photos for my 10 on 10.  It always forces me to get that camera and take photos for the fun of it. This week we’re out of school so we headed for the lake!  My Mom lives on a small lake in IN and my nieces and sister usually come over and we make a day of it.  This day we had a few activities planned like a water balloon fight and using some of the color packets we got from the color run in Chicago last week.  It was a fun day that ended in me watching my niece play softball.

We saw a version of this photo online and I wanted one of my kids and their cousin.


This kid loves to do the “peace” sign or maybe it’s bunny ears?


Water balloon fight!  I highly recommend “bunch o balloons”.  We filled up 60 balloons in less than 5 minutes.


My kids are obsessed with the faces on snapchat.




The goggles were their idea to not get color in their eyes.


Getting the color off!


Both my nieces had games this night.


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These past few months have been busy, busy, busy! I started a new job taking photos of newborns at the hospitals last fall and have really been enjoying it!  I haven’t been doing as many personal sessions but I did squeeze in a few 1st Communion sessions recently.  This one is my neighbor and I have known her since she was a teeny tiny baby.  I was thrilled to do her photos!


All of the photos above were done in my small studio in the basement.  We wanted to do a few outside so we braved the cold temps and wind and went for it!


I also went to the service and snapped a few for them there.  I loved this family pic!